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Pocket Reduction Procedures

In a healthy mouth, bone and gum tissue are snug against the root of the tooth. When you have periodontal disease, this tissue becomes inflamed, and bone loss and periodontal pockets develop. This allows bacteria to slip down between the tooth and gum, acting like a splinter, irritating the tissue, causing further recession and bone loss. 

Once the disease passes this point, the area can’t be properly cleaned through regular home care or traditional root planing and scaling.

During a pocket reduction procedure, an incision in the gum is made, and the diseased tissue is removed. The area is then thoroughly disinfected. Bacteria love to stick to rough surfaces, so any rough spots of bone are smoothed, reducing the chance of reinfection. 

Removing the bacteria and lowering the gum to meet the existing bone level makes homecare easier, increases your chances of keeping your natural teeth, and reduces the need for more invasive periodontal treatment.