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Regenerative Procedures

Regenerative periodontal procedures build up the bone so that it can support a restoration, usually an implant. This procedure also removes the bacteria that cause periodontal disease and is generally needed in one or more small sites, instead of the larger area requiring ridge modification. 

During a periodontal regeneration procedure, an incision in the gum is made. The infection is removed, and a variety of materials including mesh filters, bone graft material, and tissue-stimulating proteins can be used to encourage your body to regenerate new tissue and bone. Then the site is sutured closed and allowed to rest. 

Removing the bacteria that cause periodontal disease stops the cycle of bone loss and reinfection, and with a little help, the bone has a chance to regenerate and fill in. It can help decrease deep pocketing and repair damage, bringing the bone back to a normal level so a restoration can be placed, restoring your smile to its original beauty.