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Ridge Modification

Sometimes a patient has deformities in the upper or lower jaw that can leave them with too little bone in which to place dental implants. The ridge can shrink back and narrow if a tooth was removed a long time ago and not replaced with an implant, because there is nothing to support the bone. Other reasons for ridge loss are periodontal disease, injury, trauma, or a genetic condition which causes the bone to form incorrectly.

Ridge modification, or augmentation, builds up the bone to a point where an implant can be placed. 

During a ridge modification procedure, the gum is pushed away from the ridge, exposing the bone underneath. The area is filled with bone (yours or a donor source may be used). After the ridge is built up to the proper levels, the gum is moved back into place and sutured. The surgical site is allowed to rest, giving the new bone material enough time to integrate into your existing bone. 

Ridge modification is usually a simple procedure that can give you back your mouth’s full function and drastically improve a person’s self-confidence, making your smile fuller and more beautiful.