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Welcome To Our Office

We’re pleased to offer specialty services for the patients entrusted to our care.  Our welcome starts with your first phone call to the friendly team at Periodontal Health Associates. We’ll reserve a time that fits your schedule and provides a perfect start to our partnership with you.

Working Together

Mutual respect and genuine listening set the tone for our time together. Your first visit includes time committed to exploring your questions and considering your concerns.  We want you to feel free to share anything that will help us care for you.

You’ll leave our office with a clearer understanding of your oral and overall health, and a plan for your care.  If you’ve been referred by your general dentist, we’ll make sure we know exactly what they’d like us to accomplish.  In some cases, we may complete treatment on the first visit.

Our initial time together offers:

  • Genuine Listening
  • Discussion of Your Dental Vision with Drs. Anderson & Smock
  • Health History Review
  • Review of Referral Requests (from your dentist)
  • Gum Disease Screening and Charting
  • Digital X-Ray Review

A Comfortable Start

Whether you’re continuing regular care for gum disease control or seeking a resolution to a particular problem, we honor your commitment to better health by dedicating quality time at every visit.

Our team offers a level of expertise that blends years of experience and advanced training designing personalized dental care.  And we always aim to help you feel relaxed, safe, and welcome. Your comfort always takes top priority regardless of the treatment plan we craft together.

So come in and enjoy your visit:  We’re your resource for exceptional specialty service.