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Dr. Anderson at Periodontal Health Associates has experience in periodontal therapy.

Meet Dr. Anderson

Dr. Ryan Anderson was born and raised in a rural area of Northeast Ohio.  He went on to study Biology and Chemistry at Duke University and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 1998, cum laude.  He returned to Ohio to study dentistry at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and received a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2002, magna cum laude.  Dr. Anderson then completed his periodontal training and received his Certificate of Periodontology in 2005 from the University of Rochester Eastman Dental Center.  His extensive training included periodontal therapy as well as implant placement and site preparation. 

A Board Certified Diplomate in Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery (2018) and a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology (2006), Dr Anderson is an active member in a number of professional organizations including the American Academy of Periodontology, the American Dental Association, and the Lynchburg Dental Society.  Dr. Anderson also believes in giving back to the community and he routinely volunteers his services at the Lynchburg Free Clinic.  He continues to pursue educational opportunities and has lectured for multiple different study clubs in the central Virginia area. 

Dr. Anderson has been married to his wife, Alessandra, for two years and they enjoy traveling together.  He has recently begun to learn Spanish as his wife is a wonderful teacher!  In his free time, Dr. Anderson also enjoys playing the piano, going to concerts and art venues, and working on cars.

Continuing Education

June 2019
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS). Two Year Certificate.

May 2019
Certificate in Advanced Surgical Master Curriculum in Regenerative Implant Dentistry 72 C.E.

March 2019
Prescribing Opioids for Dental Plan Management: Best Practices & Alternatives  2 C.E.

November 2018
Digital Dentistry, Evolution to the Revolution, 4 C.E.

October 2018
Interdisciplinary Management of Esthetic Dilemmas, 14 C.E.
Review of Oral mucosa & jaw pathology, 6 C.E.

April 2018
Wear Patterns in Diagnosis  2 C.E.
Modern Implant Dentistry; Rules of Engagement in the Esthetic Zone  3 C.E.
Achieving Esthetic Results through Restorative Solutions in Implant Dentistry  3 C.E.
Immediate Molar Implants; New Surgical and Restorative Protocols for Predictable Success  2 C.E.
The Changing Paradigm of Digital Dentistry; Today’s Technology and Tomorrow’s Concepts  2 C.E.

March 2018
Interdisciplinary Mgmt. of Wear – More Posterior than Anterior Wear  2.75 C.E. Wilckodontics certificate, Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics
Implant restorative solutions & updates, 1.5 C.E.

February 2018
Predictable Single Anterior Implants 3 C.E.
SAFE Opioid Prescribing 3.5 C.E.

January 2018  
Southern Academy of Periodontology: Horizon & Vertical Augmentation    12 C.E.
Community Care Provider Opioid Safety Initiative  3 C.E.
Destination dentistry, 1.5 C.E.

November 2017 
The Keystone Dental Biomaterials Symposium 6 C.E.

October 2017 
Implants, spacing solutions & restorative recommendations, 1.5 C.E.

September 2017 
American Academy of Periodontology  Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning using Traditional and CMCT Technology     1.5 C.E.
The Periodontal-Systemic Connection: Current State of the Art  2.5 C.E.
Treatment of the Malposed Implant  2 C.E.
Vertical Ridge Augmentation with Complication Management  1.5 C.E.
Advances & Innovations in Oral Plastic Surgery  2 C.E.
The Use of Laser Therapy to Treat Inflammatory Diseases of the Periodontium for Teeth & Implants  2 C.E.
Innovative Treatment Planning using Orthodontics  1.5 C.E.
Future Dental-Facial & Airway Management  2 C.E.  
Connection between cardiovascular disease & periodontal disease, 1.5 C.E.

July 2017  
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)  Two year certificate

June 2017  
Clinical Pathology –interactive Diagnosis & Treatment  2 C.E.
University of Rochester Eastman Institute for Oral Health  10 C.E.

May 2017   UNC, School of Dentistry, Perio 2017 EXPO 12.5 C.E. 

  1. Identify challenges and opportunities of current periodontal diagnoses and therapies from evidence based dentistry to patient-based therapy.

  2. Recognize the global impact of periodontal disease from an overall health standpoint and the challenges that arise from the changing landscape of dentistry.

  3. Translate clinical relevance of new findings in oral-systemic disease links to aid the practitioner in providing the tools necessary for advising patients.

  4. Discuss new technologies in periodontology that are rapidly evolving and impacting the practice of dentistry and health care policy.

  5. Identify the increasing role of microbial and genetic testing on the practice of periodontics.

April 2017  
Immediate Loading 2.0: Full Arch, Esthetic Zone & Posterior Quadrants  2 C.E.
Immediate Implant Placement  2 C.E.
Advances in Implant Dentistry: Avoiding Challenges of Immediate Extraction Molor  Sockets  1 C.E.
Digital Solutions for Implant Restorations: Efficient, Precise and Flexible  1 C.E.

March 2017  
Endodontic Diagnosis & Treatment Planning  2 C.E.

February 2017  
Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Planning  2 C.E.

January 2017  
Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the JAWS (MRONJ)  Certificate